In these times of superficiality, “hit and run”, assembly lines, also very personal choices are often made without the right timing and an honest and professional guidance. Slow aesthetic surgery is a way to conceive and implement medicine and cosmetic surgery that focuses on the person, respecting fully psychology, desires, expectations, offering availability, passion and experience.

This “new” concept has a few main points, as

  • the availability of time,
  • an empathic relationship
  • an “excellent service.”

Spending time before and after a medical or surgical procedure is critical, especially before. This means not only explain clearly every aspects and technical details, but also to listen, observe the person who has faced. Understand and communicate whether the techniques of which we speak may be appropriate to improve and if that improvement can help you feel better. You should be wary and probably discard those doctors who are in the first interview dismissive, they devote little time, talk and do not listen ….


In aesthetic plastic surgery establish an empathic relationship is essential to create the “feeling” and that trust needed to reach the most appropriate decision, understanding the expectations of a person and to understand the limitations of a treatment. Phisician’s role and experience, must see if it is developing and establishing a relationship of trust, empathy, or not. Meanwhile I wait, we will meet again and you know better. Paradoxically, with humility, I argue that I choose my patients, and not vice versa … there are no ideal treatment for everybody. Make a “right” operation on the”wrong person ” is still a failure, perhaps the most painful.

Excellent service means that after a medical or surgical procedure the relationship with the phisician does not end, indeed. Doubts, moments of stress especially in the first period after an operation to be managed in a timely and direct, without too many “filters”. My patients have my direct number with which to contact me and over the years, I have found this very useful way to interact. And if my phone number, even after a long time, is used to request me a review or just for a friendly greeting is not a problem to me, indeed.

“Choose your wife, surgeon and oxen from your own town” is my edit of the famous Italian popular saying, I want to suggest that the “surgical tourism” presents many risks with respect to “zero aesthetic miles”, and not just for obvious logistical problems in case of complications ( also seen and treated by me many times), but also throughout the essential “path” before deciding what to do, a way to go together, unhurried, meeting more than once …

Slow Aesthetic Surgery also means not making many challenging surgeries in a single day, each patient deserves the highest concentration and accuracy. I decided not to perform more than 2 operations per day, in effect making many surgeries in a single day would mean not ensure the last the same meticulousness of the first!